To start using the platform, please do the following:

1. Register on the website.

2. Verify the phone number. If you have problems receiving e-mail or SMS verification code, please contact our support team. It may take a couple of minutes for the codes to arrive.

3. Go to your profile and click "Apply for Reviewer" or "Apply for Seller", fill out the simple application form and submit it. Your personal information is protected by our Privacy Policy.

4. You will be approved within one business day and receive an email notification. Then you can use all the website features, including posting products (as a Seller) or applying for free products (as a Reviewer).

5. This guide is extended with operation manual for verified users after registration.

Support is available via:


What is Review4Life?

- Review4Life is a website that connects Amazon buyers and sellers, who provide a variety of valuable products in exchange for a simple review.

How does it work?

- After you register an account, proceed to Reviewer / Seller application. This is a standart procedure to ensure the safety of our honest community. You will be approved within one business day and get access to our catalog. Choose a product you want, Apply and find it on Amazon, using the info provided by the seller. Upload the Amazon order info. After you get the product, write a review and submit it to Review4Life. The seller then will refund the full price to your PayPal account and you get to keep the item too!

Is it safe?

- It is safe for both, the sellers and reviewers. Remember, that as a buyer, you have a month to return the product, if something goes wrong with your refund. 

What Amazon marketplaces do you support?

- Currently, we support the United States, Great Britain, Germany, France. All the products are sold on and only orders placed through Amazon's site are applicable.

Is Review4Life affiliated with Amazon?

- While we are huge fans of and are frequent customers ourselves, we are no affiliated or endorsed/sponsored in any way by We simply convey great offers from our reputable Amazon sellers to honest Amazon reviewers.

How do I find my Amazon profile link?

- Log in to your Amazon account. From the drop-down menu of Account&Lists, click on “Your Account”. Then in Your Account page, find and click “Profile” in the Ordering and shopping preferences section.