Reward Package #3 – SEO and Traffic


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Here is Reward Package #3 – SEO and Traffic


  • 1st. Buy product on Review4Life site
  • 2nd. After completing the transaction, send [the receipt id] in message to my Email at: or Submit to Bonus Form at HERE
  • 3rd. Choose which bonus you want in your email and you will receive SEO and Traffic bonus within 24 hours.

BONUS#1Yoast Basic SEO Training


This online Basic SEO training will teach you the fundamentals of SEO and will give you lots of practical tips so you can immediately start and improve your own website!

Complete overview of all aspects of holistic SEO.
Inspiring videos, clear explanations and challenging questions.

BONUS#2Keyword Cash Loophole


How to uncover money making keywords that are currently hidden from view to the majority of online marketers.

The best and evergreen niches revealed.
It can reveal treasure… if you know how.
The secret two-stage process.
How to use a Google search to uncover hidden gems.
Deep micro sub-niche analysis.
And much more

BONUS#3CPA Traffic Mayhem


Discover how an ex-taxi driver went from making $0 to making $300+ per day online using simple traffic technique and how you can follow this prove blueprint yourself.
I have a simple system that shows you how to bank multiple streams of cash with the best traffic that the internet has to offer.
Cpa traffic mayhem will generate you a stable and monthly income every month – on complete autopilot.

BONUS#4Paid Traffic Handbook


Discover the best paid traffic methods and strategies used by rich marketers because they get results paid traffic methods and strategies used by rich marketers because they get results fast.

You will learn:
Exactly what Pay Per Click (or PPC) marketing is and why and how these ads make marketers and businesses lots of money.
7 trade secrets to a winning PPC Ad campaign.
The 6 main advantages of using PPC ads and how you can get ULTRA targeted traffic from it.
The 6 actionable and important steps you need to get your PPV Ad live.
7 secrets to a winning PPV Ad campaign.

BONUS#5ClickBank Domination


Learn how we spend $5 and turn it into $94 in just 24 hours using Bing and Clickbank.
My exact blueprint of setting up highly profitable campaigns literally in minutes.
Copy my step by step proven and reliable method to generate thousands of keywords in minutes using my free secret resources.
Get instant access to my own personal bidding formula that drives me faster traffic and results.

BONUS#6AOL Answers Traffic Blueprint


How to realistically add an extra 5,000 to 10,000 visitors to your site monthly using an under-the-radar Q&A site.

You will learn:

AOL Answers demystified – an overview of all the features and how to exploit them for ultimate traffic.
Proven strategies for creating one helluva profile on AA – this leads to more traffic.
How to discover amazing new niches and content that you exploit for ridiculous traffic gains.
A proven 30-day marketing formula that’s build stable traffic from AA like clockwork.

BONUS#7Free Traffic Jackpots


9 top secret traffic sources that will allow you to tap into over 100 million unique visitors each month.

You will learn:

How to put into action what
How to hit the jackpot by using my secret traffic recipe.
How to save time, money, and frustration by only focusing on the important steps I have personally tested to bring the best results.
How the local business owners and offline marketers can drive quality traffic to their websites.
Discover how to generate loads of leads in CPA marketing.

BONUS#8CPA Traffic Surge


Learn how CPA experts are converting the newest craze in high payout CPA offers and making 5 figures a day for a joke.

The exact methods that work for converting high paying CPA offers and building a long-term business as an affiliate.

Learn exactly how to generate traffic from major traffic sources and how to convert newly designed high paying CPA trial offers and CPS offers without getting your ad accounts banned.

BONUS#9How To Find Locally Targeted Keywords


One of the most important ways that people will find your business is by performing a search in Google. As a business owner, you have the ability to influence how well you rank in search engines for any given word or phrase. That’s the idea behind SEO and keyword research. Many businesses are interested in ranking on Google and other search engines for local keywords that their customers will be searching for. So, how do you find keywords so that your business can rank in local searches?


BONUS#10Traffic Authority


Learn how to cash in on YouTube authorities.

I’ve been utilizing the power of self-created authorities on YouTube, turning campaigns which cost pennies into thousands of dollars.

BONUS#11Rush Hour Traffic Keyword Research


Turn your website into a traffic magnet.
This newbie-friendly system will produce a list of high-converting, buying keywords in less than 2 hours.

You will learn:

How to dramatically increase organic traffic.
How to identify developing trends and tell what your customers will be looking for before they really even start looking.
A deep understating of what your market wants and need so you can create the demand.
How to attract customer traffic.

BONUS#12Turbo Traffic Hacks


BONUS#13Simply traffic


Discover how you can get instant first tier traffic to your squeeze page for pennies on dollars.
It’s a 100% guaranteed way to drive quality traffic, from whatever country you need to target for any offer that you want.

You will learn:

How to attract quality 1st tier traffic to form a responsive list.
How to get subscribers onto your list for pennies on the dollar.
The best times of day to attract these subscribers onto your list.

BONUS#14Fast Traffic Bot


This brand new tool takes a very powerful automation process and boils it down into a simple software which anyone can use. By leveraging the power of automation, you will be able to dramatically increase your results and do so much more with MUCH less effort. Now, with Fast Traffic Bot you can finally grow and scale your business, so you can work less and make more money.

BONUS#15Rank Tracker


Rank Tracker is the best and most reliable platform for tracking keyword rankings across multiple websites and search engines. Rank Tracker makes it easy to track daily keyword performance in real-­time, analyze competitors, create detailed reports, and identify opportunities that can increase profits and drive business growth. Other rank tracking tools are clunky, complicated, and unreliable. Rank Tracker is powerfully simple, instantly actionable, and trusted by thousands of businesses and SEO professionals around the world.

BONUS#16USA Traffic Generator


USA Traffic Generator – Social & Referral Traffic is a platform where you can send hits/sessions to your website visible through Google Analytics without tools like VPN or Hitleap trash traffic and without any risk of crash your servers or affect to your ad revenue account.

  • FAST and EASY!
  • AdSense or Ad Network Safe!

BONUS#17Pligg Submitter


The program can get registered to a thousand of pligg websites and all this done automatically. Instantly reaches up to 1000 pligg websites and verifies email automatically. Submits a variety of short articles on these pligg websites automatically, moreover it features automatic commenting on these websites also. Passes every captcha easily.

BONUS#18Traffik Buster


A traffic generation tool from the source of Twitter that automatically plays your twitter campaigns and gives you traffic on your blog or website with the click of a button. A twitter bot that uses the power of one of the most popular social media and makes it your strength to fill your website with daily unique genuine visitors no fake tricks you will get original traffic.

BONUS#19SEO Made Easy


Everything You Need to Know about SEO and Nothing More

BONUS#20Analyzing Your Site to Improve SEO


In thіѕ amazing соurѕе, ѕеаrсh engine орtіmіzаtіоn (SEO) еxреrt gives you ѕtер-bу-ѕtер thrоugh the way of rеvіеwіng thе соntеnt & mаrkuр оf a еxіѕtіng ѕіtе tо іmрrоvе іtѕ ranking іn search еngіnе results. Thіѕ SEO соurѕе offers a соnѕultаnt’ѕ take on hоw to аnаlуzе еасh part—frоm keywords tо соntеnt to соdе & dеtеrmіnе whаt changes are necessary tо bесоmе mоrе visible to ѕеаrсh еngіnеѕ in which mainly we consider Google.

Tорісѕ includes in this Course are:

  • Undеrѕtаndіng whу іndеxіng іѕ significant
  • Using the Gооglе AdWоrdѕ Kеуwоrd Tооl
  • Dеаlіng with frаmеѕ, іfrаmеѕ & рорuрѕ
  • Wоrkіng wіth SEO-frіеndlу URLѕ
  • Uѕіng mеtа tags
  • Clеаrіng ѕоurсе соdе сluttеr
  • Buіldіng links wіthіn thе Webѕіtе
  • Wоrkіng wіth Gооglе+
  • Rеvіеwіng раgе соntеnt
  • Building and ѕubmіttіng аn HTML аnd XML sitemap
  • Gаrnеrіng links оutѕіdе the site etc.
Reward Package #3 – SEO and Traffic
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