Reward Package #2 – Training Courses and Marketing


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Here is Reward Package #2 – Training Courses and Marketing


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  • 2nd. After completing the transaction, send [the receipt id] in message to my Email at: or Submit to Bonus Form at HERE
  • 3rd. Choose which bonus you want in your email and you will receive Training Courses and Marketing bonus within 24 hours.

BONUS#1Marketing To The Affluent ($297)



This product will give you a better understanding of the size, scope, and buying behaviors of the expanded affluent marketing segments where there

BONUS#2Visual Marketing on Twitter


  • This crazy simple tactic turns social media into a powerful, free traffic engine.
  • This report lists the exact methods and strategies I used to grow my following to several million people.
  • Effortless tactics to manage dozens of money-making Twitter accounts in less than 2 hours per day.
  • Advanced strategies used by super elite 1% of Twitter marketers to turn their Twitter followers into media powerhouses.

BONUS#3Instagram Marketing Magic


Instagram Marketing Magic is business marketing kit that will show you how to use Instagram for unprecedented business growth.

  • Use it to grow your business.
  • Sell it and keep 100% of the profits.
  • Share it with your clients.
  • Use it to develop a training program.
  • Turn it into a paid webinar.
  • Build your list by giving it away.

BONUS#4Affiliate Marketing Excellence



Affiliate Marketing Business in a Box is an A to Z course that gives a marketer everything they need to profit with Affiliate marketing.

  • Fully Integrated sales funnel ready to resell.
  • Plug in once and profit for years to come on autopilot.
  • You can resell and keep 100% Profits in your pocket.
  • Evergreen and hot Niche, they practically sell themselves.
  • Keep all leads generated, including the buyers.

BONUS#5Affiliate Marketing 101


Secret tool and method for generating huge affiliate sales while building an email list you can milk for eternity.

This step-by-step Affiliate Marketing Training System is going to take you by the hand and show you the quickest and easiest methods for generating solid affiliate commissions and beyond.

BONUS#6ActiveCampaign – Email Marketing


  • ActiveCampaign delivers amazing marketing possibilities but with lots of GOTCHAs.
  • Learn from my experience and mistakes… enroll now and start a new world of intelligent email marketing with ActiveCampaign.
  • This course takes you rapidly from beginner to advanced user of the Active Campaign.
  • In just 2 hours you should be able to design and create interactive automation marketing systems with ActiveCampaign.

BONUS#7Instagram Domination


Instagram Domination gives you the
power to start using Instagram today to attract followers who are genuinely excited about your business… and who will enthusiastically tell their social networks about you?

You’re going to learn everything you need to know to automate your campaigns… and to use them to bring in customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

BONUS#8: Email Marketing Kickstart



How to sell more with email marketing.

40 step-by-step guide to making money with email.

BONUS#9: Mastering CPA Facebook


How to make money with CPA using Facebook. This is one of fastest ways to start making money online!

Tutorials Include:

  • Intro
  • CPA Networks
  • What CPA Offers Do Well
  • Market Research
  • FB Ads

BONUS#10Agora Email Marketing


World-class email specialist reveals how even raw & wriggling newbies can bang out money-making emails on demand and in just minutes per day.

You will learn:

The Las Vegas stripper secret for extracting the maximum amount of sales out of customers using nothing but email.
How to write emails that make sales even if you don’t mention a single benefit.
The “haunted” subject line technique that immediately stands out in overcrowded inboxes.
7 newbie-proof ways to write profitable emails in just 15-minutes or less.
The never-talked-about reason why people ignore emails with lots of content and value.
And much more.

BONUS#11Fiverr $297 Method


This Fiverr system generates $297 per day with 100% free buyer traffic in less than 30 minutes of work.

The method teaches you how to get paid to find leads on Fiverr and to suck cash out of customers in as little as 5 minutes.
This method is completely scalable.

BONUS#12Fiverr Madness


I will explain you two ways for earning money on Fiverr. First one is working couple of hours daily and another one is working only 10 minutes daily! You should test both ways and see which attracts customers the most.

In my 7 videos you will learn how to get your business started and where to find services that you can offer on Fiverr. You will also learn how to write description, how to choose keywords and much, much more.

BONUS#13Affiliate Sniper Pro


My exact blueprint that allows me to siphon a whopping $30,000 each month just with affiliate marketing alone.
I will not only show you how to uncover the best, highest paying products in affiliate marketing but you’ll uncover some of the most powerful time-saving strategies ever revealed so that you can jumpstart your affiliate marketing career while shortcutting the entire process.

BONUS#1448 Hour Client 2015


How I can instantly bank up to $30,000/Month by repairing local businesses’ online reputation with 3 simple & repeatable strategies.

I have developed a fool-proof system that not only eliminates bad reviews entirely… but fills review sites with positive, business building reviews and comments from happy customers.

This is a step-by-step system that uses free tools, and social media to repair any business’s online reputation in 3 steps.

BONUS#15Flippa Cash


How You Can Generate A Serious Cash Income Almost Instantly, Buying and Selling Websites!

Learn How You Can Easily Earn $300 To $800 A Day, When You Use Secrets For Flipping Websites You Didn’t Even Build!

BONUS#16Amazon Kindle Profits


Your step-by-step guide to creating a Kindle empire that generates you residual Amazon profits.

In this guide you will discover:

6 easy to follow steps on how you can effortlessly make money on Amazon
An easy method to find the Amazon niches that are absolute gold mines.
How to weed out all the tire kickers and only build a list of high-quality buyers.
How to get worldwide customers to maximise your profits.
How to outsource your work for peanuts and let those peanuts work for you.

BONUS#17Ebay Cash Cow


Best kept eBay secrets finally revealed.

You will discover:

How to find high-end brand items with low or no bids.
What 2 big mistakes sellers do that will actually help you make good money.
How to tap into the unsearchable listings for big profits.

BONUS#18The IM Goofball’s Guide To $51-$74 Per Hour


Discover the $51-$74 per hour plan that gets you paid before doing any lick of work…
By simply giving a massive market what it’s looking for every single day.

The ‘skills’ required for IM aren’t at all complicated.
The most valuable thing you can offer is time savings.
You can set your own prices and make a full-time income simply providing the services I will teach you, working part-time hours.

BONUS#19Profit Sucking Emails


Discover how to create emails that enrich your open rates, click-throughs, and monies generated from your list.

You will learn:

Exactly how many messages to send before asking for the sale
How to write emails for mobile application?
14 reasons why your email campaigns might stink.
How to write amazing emails in as little as 20 minutes.
Which part of your email is the most important to test?
The best time of day for sending emails.
And much, much more.

BONUS#20The Automated Viral Commissions


You don’t need a website to Make Money.
With this System, People will be sharing your Affiliate Links for You.
You will get the Step-by-Step Plan on how to cash in every month on autopilot.
Overview Of Steps:
1. Breaking The Mindset
2. Sowing Plan Overview
3. Creating Your Commission Seed
– Using Reliable Affiliate Networks for Recurring Commissions
– Putting Affiliate Links at the RIGHT Places
– Making Your Seed Attractive For Viral Effect

4. Sowing Your Commission Seed
– Getting Your Commission Seed to Go Viral
– “Fertile Soil” to Sow Your Seed

Reward Package #2 – Training Courses and Marketing
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