How to keep your Amazon account safe

Please follow these simple steps:

1. Post reviews in a few days (5-7) after receiving a product. Never before.

2. Do not post more than one 5* review a day.

3. Write meaningful long reviews so people mark it with “helpful votes”, that significantly lowers the chances of getting it removed.

4. Keep a positive balance of bad / good reviews and no review orders. For that reason, we have a dedicated page with Amazon heavily discounted useful products (see “DISCOUNTED PRODUCT” menu tab) that you can easily afford and balance off your reviews.

5. When buying a product for reviewing, try to imitate a buyer's healthy behavior (shop around), open a few other similar products, add some to cart, check reviews etc. 


By following the simple tips above, you lower the risk of having your reviews marked as “suspicious” and deleted by Amazon. If you keep abusing it, Amazon may disable your reviewing feature completely. Creating a new Amazon account won't help as Amazon tracks the “clones” by many indicators, including and not limited to the address, payment method, name, IP etc.