Advantages of shopping on Amazon

13 September 2020

If you ever shopped on Amazon, then don’t miss and that bring a thousand opportunities for enhanced savings. We've wrapped them into 7 golden tips 2020 for our fellow deals hunters. 

Best cash back apps for Amazon purchases in 2020

29 August 2020

Using and you get real discounted and free products BUT that is not the only way to get your hands on extra cash. You can also get cashback for simply scanning grocery and online shop receipts. We will tell you how.

Shops that save you tons of money in 2020!

22 August 2020

The coronavirus makes us be more careful spending money, so we searched for legal ways to save money on household products, clothing, and food. In this article we will list our top ranked discount stores.

Best ways to earn extra cash in 2020 during the coronavirus

04 August 2020

Staying home most of the time, we have spent many days and nights searching for working ways to earn extra money and help our families and friends during this difficult situation

How to become an Amazon selected reviewer and start getting free products?

31 July 2020

Ever dreamed of getting free products? Christmas in July, or better say, Christmas all year long! What you need to do is clime up the Amazon reviewers ranking ladder. In 2020, it gets harder as more and more customers join and actively use Amazon. But we’ve prepared five exclusive tips on how to do that and become an Amazon selected reviewer

Amazon direct shipping

28 July 2020

Direct shipping is a part of the freebies world. Storing products in Amazon costs a lot of money, so sometimes sellers decide to send out their overstock products to random addresses who signed up before for free, including the shipping.

How to find best Amazon deals under 5-10 dollars in 2020

27 July 2020

There are so many websites that offer best amazon deals with good discounts. We literally went through all of them trying to find the good ones and we are ready to share our findings.

5 Amazing Ways to Get Free Stuff on Amazon in 2020: Guaranteed!

17 July 2020

Here, you will find the best methods through which you can get free and discounted goods from Amazon. They’re easy and fast, so stay tuned!

How to keep your Amazon account safe

05 June 2020

In this article we will go over a few tips to keep your Amazon account safe and maintain your reviewing feature

Registration and operation video guide

01 June 2020

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